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Our story
The company, established in 1974 by its founder Vittorio Bertoli, owes its solid foundation to the experience gained over time and the continuous and intense research that has helped its affirmation as a world level player in the market of high pressure piston pumps homogenizers designing and construction market; thus channeling all energy towards research and in-depth sector studies with the objective of high quality.

It was the 1980s when Bertoli supplied pumps and homogenizers to leader companies in the food, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. In these years, production exceeded 800 units. This was the period of the beginning of modernization of tomato concentrate factories through the introduction of aseptic filling systems in the production cycle. For this reason, in these years began what was to be a long collaboration with CFT Spa, then called Rossi & Catelli, which over time became a more and more important client for the Bertoli turnover.

In 1990 the Bertoli company was purchased by Rossi & Catelli and moved to a more suitable headquarters for its increased production needs.

In the year 2000, the machines manufactured exceeded 2000 units and Bertoli, in order to improve its in-house organization, implemented a new computer system integrating all company divisions. It is in this new reality, even more avant garde, that Bertoli is ISO9001 certified to guarantee, with constant verification of a certifying body, the respect of all procedures necessary to create an extremely high quality product.

In 2007(, when production neared 3000 units,) Bertoli moved into the new headquarters in San Polo di Torrile, which offer spaces suitable to the continuous development of the company.

In 2008 Bertoli is ISO14001 certified to guarantee total respect of the environment. In order to structurally implement technological innovations, a new department is created at Bertoli dedicated to “Research & Development”, which allows the guarantee of an even more rigorous and accurate control of the machinery manufactured and to check the results obtained in various homogenization process conditions. Not only this: starting at the end of February 2008, the implementation of the management system of the safety in the workplace begins, the so-called “Exemption system” approved by INAIL (National institute for insurance against on-the-job injuries) and Confindustria (General confederation of Italian industry). The system includes numerous figures, along with forms, the adoption of specific rules, the assignment of tasks and the formalization of all aspects deemed necessary for the management. 2008 is considered to be the year of the turning point; in fact, the company turnover was the highest in history. In the course of 2009, the company Quality System was implemented in the Administrative system (CRM) thus supplying important assistance both in filling out documents and in making the Quality instrument more and more effective.


Via Giambattista Vico, 2 (ingresso via Pietro Micca, 2) - 42124 - Reggio Emilia - Italy
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Via E.Fermi, 25 - 42049 S. Ilario - Reggio Emilia - Italy
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Registro Imprese di Reggio Emilia
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Tel: +39 0522.948011
Fax: +39 0522.948080
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