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The advantage of the thermic treatment carried on before the homogenization in the UHT equipment consists in a higher stability of the treated product, due to the following:
• Reduction of the possibility of particles re-agglomeration (as for example fat or protein particles)
• The formation of precipitates is delayed due to the thermic treatment.
In case the homogenizer is placed after the thermic treatment it has to be in aseptic execution. The fundamental characteristic of a machine in aseptic execution is that it is necessary to avoid possible contaminations of the already sterilized product by the contact with the exterior. In order to achieve this, all the seals are barriered with steam and sterile condensate. Besides, the machines in aseptic execution have to be designed taking into consideration the necessity to withstand also the sterilization cycles, that is temperatures reaching 160°C. The main disadvantage of using the sterile condensate is the high cost of managing the steam production and its further recondensation.
For this reason Bertoli proposes a patented (N.PR2006A000062)sterile water generating system by microfiltration. Generally the costs for the installation of sterile water generating equipment are recovered in less than a year due to the great energy savings in respect of using the steam.

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