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Principiple of Homogenization
The particles obtained, that are very small, give uniformity to the homogenized product, preventing possible surfacing
and decantation phenomenon. On the basis of this principle, the possibility of separation is greatly reduced conferring
desired stability to the product.
The homogenizing effect, always traceable to well known laws of physics, must be attributed with various causes.
The most accredited:
• instantaneous acceleration
• cavitation
• the high-speed impact of the product that exits from the valve against the wall of the impact ring
• the friction of the particles in suspension due to the very high degree of turbulence
• the lamination which the product undergoes during the passage between the close surfaces of the valve and its seat.
The limit of use of homogenization is represented by the pumping of the product.
The advantages of homogenization have suggested extending use for very different products and aims,
concerning new industrial fields.


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