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Raffaello Series
Homogenizers and piston pumps with a capacity of 20000 liters / h

The new homogenizer and high pressure pump “Raffaello Series” can reach industrial production up to 21.500 l/h.

Its new design was especially conceived to guarantee high flexibility.
It is particularly suitable for use in the dairy field and for fruit juice homogenization.
Reliability and easy maintenance are its strong points. There are a number of options which make it customizable and particularly suitable also for special uses in the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.

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• Single bloc compression head in duplex stainless steel of high mechanical and corrosion resistance
• Transmission system with trapezoidal belts, gear reducer and pulleys
• Forced lubrication system with hydraulic power unit
• Overpressure discharge valve
• Low noise level
• Easy maintenance


• Pumping pistons
   - Stainless steel with hard chrome coating
   - Integral ceramics
   - Tungsten carbide coating
• Poppet and ball type valve groups in:
   - Stellite
   - Tungsten carbide
   - Ceramics
• Electric board
   - Internal for fixed capacity
   - External for variable capacity with frequency converter
• Inlet and outlet connections
   - DIN11851
   - Tri Clamp
• Aseptic version with flushing system for condensate or sterilized water by microfiltration
• High pressure version up to 1200 bar
• Double stage (for special products)
• Homogenizing group
   - Pneumatic control for single and double stage controlled from the machine panel
• Homogenizing valve with different geometries depending on the type of treated product:
   - Stellite
   - Tungsten carbide
   - Ceramics
• High-efficiency patented valve “Margherita”
• 3A version

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