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Specific studies are dedicated to research and development on which Bertoli philosophy is based, that is:
Selection of highly qualified staff able to satisfy every Customer’s needs in the best possible way, through continuous improvement of our machines and services.

Structural design according to MACHINE DIRECTIVES 2006/42/CE and in compliance with the European standards:

• UNI ISO 14121:2006 Principle of the risks valuation
• UNI EN ISO12100-1/2:2005 Machine safety

Design, construction, testing and assistance according to the Quality System ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate N°: 209121)


Bertoli’s research and development laboratory is equipped with efficient and accurate specific devices at the disposal of our customers granting a high reliability and safety.
Bertoli’s strategies are:

• A continuous improvement and innovation based on highly qualified staff in order to ensure the Customer improved performance, by researching innovative solutions able to increase the efficiency and reliability of our machines.
• Our research laboratory is at the disposal of our Customers for running tests aimed at developing new products or defining the application of homogenization to existing products in order to improve their characteristics.
• The tests are performed using ATOMO, MOLECOLA and QUARK; laboratory homogenizers deriving from our pluriannual experience in the design and manufacture of homogenizers as well as from our constant research and development.
• These units complete our machine range and allow to carry out tests on limited quantities of product with high viscosity and abrasive properties.
• The results obtained can be extended and applied for the continuous improvement of industrial productions.

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Via Giambattista Vico, 2 (ingresso via Pietro Micca, 2) - 42124 - Reggio Emilia - Italy
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Via E.Fermi, 25 - 42049 S. Ilario - Reggio Emilia - Italy
P.IVA IT 01682900350 - COD. FISCALE 11666900151
Registro Imprese di Reggio Emilia
REA: RE-204185 - REG.A.E.E.: IT08020000000780
CAP.SOC.: € 56.617.232,88 INT.VERS.
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Tel: +39 0522.948011
Fax: +39 0522.948080
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