High pressure homogeniser

High pressure homogeniser

Bertoli designs and develops high pressure homogenisers for industry and the food industry.

Bertoli designs and develops high pressure homogenisers for industry and the food industry.

Our company operates in the sector of machinery for industry focusing on the design and construction of Homogenisers and High pressure piston pumps.
Our staff for years has been involved in the design and development of high pressure homogenisers for the food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, chemical and cosmetic companies;
The constant search for materials and innovations leads us to establish ourselves as an international player on the market of the design and construction industry of high pressure homogenisers.

When we talk about high pressure homogenization we are talking about an entirely mechanical process that causes the breakage and dispersion of the liquid or solid particles in
suspension, to obtain a homogeneous mixing of components.
A homogeniser consists of a high pressure piston pump downstream of which a homogenizing valve is installed in which the homogenization process takes place
of the treated product.
Our range of homogenisers covers up to a flow rate of 60,000 l/h and a maximum pressure of 2,000 bar.


Our company, which has been designing high pressure homogenisers for years, has a wide range of technical solutions that allow it to satisfy the most varied requests of all our
customers, thanks also to a qualified and prepared staff who will follow the project from the initial stages up to the use of the machinery, also guaranteeing total assistance on all products.
Our machines also occupy the health sector, and in an important, critical and historical moment like this, they are a guarantee at national and international level for all
customers; all the components of the product are designed and built in compliance with the strictest world standards relating to food and pharmaceutical products, for this reason
we know how important it is to always guarantee quality in research and development.

Among our homogenisers, we can find different models for different uses, such as the Raffaello series which is capable of reaching a maximum capacity of 22,000 l/h and is
conceived to guarantee maximum flexibility and suitable in the dairy sector and for the homogenization of fruit juices.
We have the Leonardo series, however, which is capable of reaching a maximum capacity of 60,000 l/h and a maximum pressure of 1,200 bar, characterized by the high
reliability and ease of maintenance; also particularly suitable in the dairy sector and for the homogenization of fruit juices.

Then we have our laboratory homogenisers, which allow you to carry out tests on limited quantities of product, even with high viscosity characteristics and
abrasiveness, obtaining results that can be extended and applied to the continuous improvement of industrial production.

The Bertoli laboratory with its staff offers the possibility of conducting targeted tests and focusing on new products or perfecting the application of homogenization to products already
existing in order to enhance their characteristics.


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All Bertoli machines are designed and manufactured using the best technology and materials.
We are specialized in the Food & Beverage - Pharma - Chemical - Cosmetics sector



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